Open Faced Bacon and Egg Sandwiches on Rye

Using eggs for dinner is really economical and since we have chickens and always have extra eggs, finding ways to use them for dinner is a fun challenge. These open faced bacon and egg sandwiches are super fast and easy, and SO good. You could use egg salad or fried eggs here too, but IContinue reading “Open Faced Bacon and Egg Sandwiches on Rye”

Full English Breakfast

Let me include a little disclaimer for this post 🙂 This is not a fully traditional English breakfast because I live in the US and it can be hard to find a few of the items that are traditionally served with a full English. This is my best approximation with things from my local grocery.Continue reading “Full English Breakfast”

Bodega Sandwich with Artichoke Salad

This the world’s easiest and fastest dinner, and it is super simple, but so tasty! This recipe was adapted from Anthony Bourdain’s Appetites cookbook. I use homemade deli rolls for this, but you could easily use any store bought roll or bread. This sandwich is great with some hot sauce on it too. I usuallyContinue reading “Bodega Sandwich with Artichoke Salad”