Kaiser Rolls

Kaiser rolls are a hard, crusty type of roll often used for sandwiches. I like to use them as burger buns too because they are very sturdy and can hold up to lots of toppings. You can’t have too many toppings on a burger in my opinion. If you want to make the classic spiralContinue reading “Kaiser Rolls”

Cherry Old Fashioned

The cherry old fashioned is a twist on a classic old fashioned using Heering cherry liqueur. We had a bottle of Heering I wanted to use, so this seemed like a great cocktail to make. It is a very simple mix of whiskey, Heering, and a touch of simple syrup. I had some orange syrupContinue reading “Cherry Old Fashioned”

Homemade Toffee

I have made this homemade toffee as long as I can remember. It it crunchy and buttery and sweet and delicious. The toffee and chocolate are a perfect dessert combination. You only need 3 ingredients to make it (4 if you want nuts), and the process is super easy. This homemade toffee makes a greatContinue reading “Homemade Toffee”

Korean Beef Burritos

Korean beef burritos are a fun and delicious way to eat bulgogi (thinly sliced, marinated steak). I love this twist on a typical burrito. I don’t know about you, but I think hybrid cuisine is amazing. What could be better than taking wonderful food from two different cultures and bringing it together? The results areContinue reading “Korean Beef Burritos”

Chocolate Cherry Shortbread

I love making shortbread cookies. They are so simple and easy, but so delicious to eat. I make my brown butter shortbread cookies for Christmas every year. It is also fun to experiment with other flavors of shortbread. I love citrus shortbread, especially lemon. These cherry chocolate shortbread cookies are a bit more festive though,Continue reading “Chocolate Cherry Shortbread”

Pork Tenderloin with Mustard Cream Sauce

Pork tenderloin cooks quickly so makes a good weeknight meal, but it can be dressed up too. Pork pairs really well with strong flavors like mustard and tarragon, and the bit of cream in the sauce for this dish really rounds out the meal. I use my sous vide machine to cook pork tenderloin, followedContinue reading “Pork Tenderloin with Mustard Cream Sauce”

Foodie Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Thanksgiving is over. Did everyone enjoy it? We had a lovely time with our kids. I think we are probably all a bit full and bloated, so instead of posting a recipe today I am going to give you some great stocking stuffer or gift ideas for anyone in your life who likes to cookContinue reading “Foodie Stocking Stuffer Ideas”

Garlic Parmesan Saltines

I do not think I can convey how totally addicting these garlic parmesan saltines are! They look very unassuming, but they are an awesome snack. If you want to make my Christmas crack, and you have saltines left over, this is what you should use them for. These crackers couldn’t be simpler to make. PlaceContinue reading “Garlic Parmesan Saltines”

Dirty Martini

The dirty martini is one of my very favorite cocktails. There is something about it’s simplicity that I love. I prefer vodka over gin for a martini, as long as it is decent vodka. In my mind you can’t have too many olives, but that is just me. All you need to make a dirtyContinue reading “Dirty Martini”


Want a fun and easy cooking project to make today? Churros are great to eat at the fair, but you can make them at home too! A churro is a type of fried dough from Spanish and Portuguese cuisine. They are also found in Latin American cuisine. They are made of a simple choux doughContinue reading “Churros”


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