Are you looking for some interesting and delicious recipes to make for dinner or dessert? Looking for a fun cocktail to make this weekend? I’ve got you covered. Here are the latest recipes I’m trying out at my house. I hope you give them a try too.

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Latest recipes from the Blog

Pan Seared Salmon with Lemon Basil Ricotta Sauce

This meal was light and healthy and a really nice change of pace from all the heavy Thanksgiving food and leftovers. It is a simple meal, but the smoked paprika and garlic on the salmon combined with the tart herby flavor of the ricotta sauce make it anything but boring. I used frozen salmon that…

Buldak (Korean Fire Chicken)

Buldak, or fire chicken, is a Korean street food dish, made from spicy pieces of chicken breast or thigh, cooked in a sauce made from gochujang and gochugaru (Korean chili powder and paste – see my favorite item links to purchase these), ginger, garlic, and soy sauce. The chicken in this recipe can be grilled,…

Easy Crock Pot Apple Butter

This crock pot apple butter is the easiest thing ever. You just throw some cut up apples and sugar and spices into the crock pot and let it cook down all day, filling your house with an amazing smell. My daughter came home from school and asked me why the house smelled so good. :)…

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