Pan Seared Salmon with Lemon Basil Ricotta Sauce

This meal was light and healthy and a really nice change of pace from all the heavy Thanksgiving food and leftovers. It is a simple meal, but the smoked paprika and garlic on the salmon combined with the tart herby flavor of the ricotta sauce make it anything but boring. I used frozen salmon thatContinue reading “Pan Seared Salmon with Lemon Basil Ricotta Sauce”

Buldak (Korean Fire Chicken)

Buldak, or fire chicken, is a Korean street food dish, made from spicy pieces of chicken breast or thigh, cooked in a sauce made from gochujang and gochugaru (Korean chili powder and paste – see my favorite item links to purchase these), ginger, garlic, and soy sauce. The chicken in this recipe can be grilled,Continue reading “Buldak (Korean Fire Chicken)”

Easy Crock Pot Apple Butter

This crock pot apple butter is the easiest thing ever. You just throw some cut up apples and sugar and spices into the crock pot and let it cook down all day, filling your house with an amazing smell. My daughter came home from school and asked me why the house smelled so good. ūüôāContinue reading “Easy Crock Pot Apple Butter”

Parmesan Chicken with Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Couscous

My husband was just eating the leftovers from this dinner for lunch, and it smelled SO good and I’m going to have to go eat some now. I really loved each part of this meal, and they went so well together. This chicken is super easy to make, but really flavorful due to the coatingContinue reading “Parmesan Chicken with Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Couscous”

Chorizo and Potato Tortilla Pizza

This recipe is a variation on my quick and easy Skillet Tortilla Pizza, but with a Mexican twist. Chorizo and potato makes an excellent filling for tacos or tortas, so why not on a pizza? This combination is soooo tasty and these are super fast to make. Chorizo is best when you cook it downContinue reading “Chorizo and Potato Tortilla Pizza”

Pain Bagnat (French Tuna Sandwich)

Pain Bagnat is a sandwich from the Nice area of France. There are different variations of the sandwich, and it was traditionally made with day old bread soaked with oil and filled with ingredients similar to a salad nicoise. The sandwich was typically filled and then compressed overnight. This a little bit lighter version ofContinue reading “Pain Bagnat (French Tuna Sandwich)”

Black Pepper Garlic Chicken and Noodles

I’m getting hungry just looking at this picture ūüôā Black pepper garlic chicken and noodles is a quick, easy and filling meal that you only need a few simple Asian ingredients to make. You can use any kind of noodles you like (I used wheat based ramen noodles, but you can use rice noodles ifContinue reading “Black Pepper Garlic Chicken and Noodles”


Borek¬†is a family of pastries or pies found in the¬†Balkans,¬†Middle East¬†and¬†Central Asia. The pastry is made of a thin flaky¬†dough¬†such as¬†filo¬†with a variety of fillings, such as meat, cheese, spinach, or potatoes. In this instance it is filled with ground spiced lamb in tomato sauce with onion garlic, cumin, coriander, Aleppo pepper, allspice, cinnamon andContinue reading “Borek”

Salted Caramel Cheesecake

We love any an all cheesecake in our house, and it is something I really enjoy baking. This recipe has all the good things…. flavorful gingersnap crust, creamy and smooth vanilla caramel filling, and salted caramel sauce on top. SOOO yummy. I used my favorite (and only one I use) salted caramel sauce for this.Continue reading “Salted Caramel Cheesecake”

Pan Seared Pork Chops with Creamy Garlic Mustard Sauce

I will confess that I really didn’t enjoy pork chops for a good portion of my life. They never seemed interesting and were often dry without a lot of flavor. My opinion has completely changed on that however. There a few key things to make a pork chop interesting and delicious to me – notContinue reading “Pan Seared Pork Chops with Creamy Garlic Mustard Sauce”