Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies (with a twist)

I love the taste of an oatmeal cookie (I prefer chocolate to raisins by far), but don’t completely love the texture of oatmeal cookies so I was excited to see this recipe from Mel’s Kitchen that is a bit different than your typical oatmeal cookie recipe. The oats are blended into a powder in the food processor before adding to the cookie, which gives a more traditional chocolate chip cookie texture, but with the hint of the flavor of an oatmeal cookie.

I modified this recipe a bit with some tricks from my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe to amp up the flavor. I browned 3/4 of the butter first, and added the remaining 1/4 into it until melted. I absolutely love the flavor of browned butter in baked goods. It’s a sort of a toasty caramel/vanilla flavor. I also toasted the oats in a 350 oven for about 15 minutes before blending them, to add more toasted oat flavor.

I used my cookie scoop to scoop them, because I love the size of cookies made with it. The recipe says to bake 10-12 minutes but it really depends on your oven, and in my opinion a slightly under baked cookie is better than overbaked. These took about 7-8 minutes in my oven to get just crispy on the edges but still have that soft interior.

As with all chocolate chip cookies, best warm from the oven, with a cup of coffee or some milk.

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