Chocolate Cherry Shortbread

I love making shortbread cookies. They are so simple and easy, but so delicious to eat. I make my brown butter shortbread cookies for Christmas every year. It is also fun to experiment with other flavors of shortbread. I love citrus shortbread, especially lemon. These cherry chocolate shortbread cookies are a bit more festive though,Continue reading “Chocolate Cherry Shortbread”

Soft Ginger Cookies

These soft ginger cookies are one of my all time favorite cookies. They are perfect for holidays, but fantastic enough to make any time of year. They have the perfect balance of spice, sweetness, texture and flavor. They are delicious with a little dip in white chocolate, like the picture, but equally good without it.Continue reading “Soft Ginger Cookies”

Hot Chocolate Cookies

As I mentioned in my butter cookie post, this time of year I am always baking cookies to try out for my holiday cookie boxes. I have been seeing different hot chocolate cookie recipes for a while now, and wanted to try them. I am totally sold. These cookies have great chocolate flavor, are crispyContinue reading “Hot Chocolate Cookies”

Black Forest Thumbprint Cookies

These black forest thumbprint cookies came about because as I have mentioned before, my daughter is a big fan of the cherry/chocolate combo and likes pretty much anything black forest flavored. So I decided to try making a variant of my favorite raspberry almond thumbprint cookies using those flavors. My mom sends me this amazingContinue reading “Black Forest Thumbprint Cookies”

Brown Butter Cookies with Sea Salt

I can’t get enough brown butter. Show me any recipe that says it and I will pretty much make it. These brown butter cookies with sea salt are similar in flavor to these brown butter shortbread cookies, but with a softer texture and a nice hit of salt. I love the sweet/salty combo so theseContinue reading “Brown Butter Cookies with Sea Salt”

Cut Out Vanilla Almond Sugar Cookies

I have been making these fun cut out sugar cookies with my kids their whole lives. A huge bonus of this messy project is that I love these cookies and can eat about a million of them. Only my daughter is still interested in decorating them with me, but I would make them even ifContinue reading “Cut Out Vanilla Almond Sugar Cookies”

Crumbl Copycat Brownie Batter Cookies

My kids requested I make another Crumbl copycat cookie, and these brownie batter cookies were the next one they wanted to try. We haven’t had this one at the store, and this is the only crumbl recipe I’ve seen for normal sized cookies. I wasn’t sure they would live up to the expectation, but theContinue reading “Crumbl Copycat Brownie Batter Cookies”

Brown Butter Shortbread Cookies

These cookies have been one of my favorites to make for years. They are a staple in my holiday cookie gift boxes because they ship so well but are also really delicious. Since there are only a few ingredients, the browned butter flavor really shines through in these. If you have never made browned butterContinue reading “Brown Butter Shortbread Cookies”