Foodie Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Thanksgiving is over. Did everyone enjoy it? We had a lovely time with our kids. I think we are probably all a bit full and bloated, so instead of posting a recipe today I am going to give you some great stocking stuffer or gift ideas for anyone in your life who likes to cook or just likes to eat!

  1. Kosmos Wing Dust – I have mentioned this stuff a bunch of times. I have used it on Garlic Parmesan Saltines and on homemade potato chips, and I use it all the time on steamed veggies to get my kids to eat more of them. It also makes amazing wings!

2. Everything Bagel Seasoning – Obviously you can use this stuff to top bagels. It is great on so many other things too though. You can sprinkle it on cottage cheese, on eggs, on a salad, on roasted vegetables, popcorn, you name it. It is so addicting!

3. Black Garlic Salt – If you have not had black garlic, it is garlic that has been slowly aged a controlled temperature. This process mellows the garlic and gives it sweet and sour notes. It is delicious. Black garlic salt allows you to add a touch of that flavor along with your salt. You can pretty much use this on anything you’d use salt on. Black garlic is especially good with steak, so if you have a steak lover in your life this is a great gift.

4. Vanilla Bean Paste – Vanilla bean paste is a combination of vanilla extract and vanilla bean seeds, usually sweetened. It packs a huge vanilla punch and I love it. You can use it in frostings, baking, anywhere you’d use extract. We also love it in warm milk with honey as an alternative to hot chocolate on a cold day. My kids grew up drinking vanilla milk and it is SO good.

5. Eel Sauce (Unagi Sauce) – If you are a sushi fan, you have for sure had eel sauce. It isn’t actually made of eel and is a variation of soy sauce that is thicker and sweeter. It is often served with grilled eel, or on sushi rolls featuring eel. It is so versatile though and great to have a bottle in your fridge. It can be used a marinade, dipping sauce, drizzle etc on any food with Asian flavors. It is great on tofu, or drizzled on rice.

6. Chicken Powder – I have mentioned this one a bunch before too. Chicken powder is basically chicken bouillon powder. It is so versatile and can be used in any soup, sauce, marinade etc. I use it all the time and I love the little bit of extra flavor it gives to so many dishes. I used it in my gravy on thanksgiving!

7. Applewood Smoked Salt – This salt can be used in so many ways, and I love the idea of being able to add a hint of smokiness to dishes without actually smoking anything. There are so many great cocktail recipes too that are great with a hint of smoke.

8. Spicy Chili Crisp – We are so addicted to this stuff. It is crunchy and spicy, and adds so much to stir fry, noodles and other Asian dishes. We put it on soups and ramen, sometimes I eat it with eggs. Any fans of spicy food in your life will appreciate this one.

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