Pretzel Crusted Chicken Salad

For tonight’s dinner I decided to try this Pretzel Crusted Chicken Salad recipe from How Sweet Eats (link below). I love a good salad with lots of toppings, and this one caught my eye because I’ve used many different things to bread chicken over the years (flour, breadcrumbs, panko, cheezits, potato flakes), I have never tried pretzels.

I’m honestly not a fan in general of breaded and oven baked chicken. It pretty much always has that bit of mushiness to breading that just doesn’t satisfy me when I’m expecting something wonderfully crispy. I’d rather have unbreaded but well seasoned baked chicken, or else battered and fried.

I decided to try frying the pretzel breaded chicken in this case. I was a little uncertain about frying pretzels since they are already baked until dark, but figured it was worth a shot. They turned out great, and we loved the texture of the fried pretzel breading. It is hard to put into words, but it had a differently crunchiness than typical breading. I will definitely use pretzels and breading for chicken tenders another time.

I used romaine for this, because I had that, and honeycrisp apple, as well as some Oaxacan cheese (similar to mozzarella) instead of cheddar because I had some left from when I made Cemita Poblana de Milanesa. Pickled onions are the best on salads, especially if you are using red onions since pickling tames the heat they sometimes have, so I included those. To the chopped cucumber I also added diced carrot and cherry tomato for some extra veggies.

I made the dressing as is from the recipe and we really liked it. It was a nice balance of sweet and sour. Overall, we really liked this salad and I’d make this again.

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