Thai Chicken Basil Rolls with Hoisin Dipping Sauce

These Thai basil rolls with ground chicken were pretty quick to make, but they have a lot of flavor from the Thai basil, cilantro, ginger, garlic, jalapeno and the dipping sauce. They were tasty and we all enjoyed them. I used raw/cook at home tortillas for the wraps for these and honestly I think theyContinue reading “Thai Chicken Basil Rolls with Hoisin Dipping Sauce”

Chicken in a Pot with Orzo

I used to watch Ina Garten on TV back in college, along with every other cooking show I could find. She was really accessible when I was learning to cook, because her recipes tend to be pretty simple and straight forward. This chicken in a pot with orzo is both of those things. I likedContinue reading “Chicken in a Pot with Orzo”

Preserved Lemon Chicken Skewers

Have you guys tried preserved lemons? They are used in Moroccan and Middle Eastern cooking and I love them! I have a big jar of them I made in my fridge and they keep really well. A little goes a long way with them, but they are unique and add a burst of flavor thatContinue reading “Preserved Lemon Chicken Skewers”

Chinese Chicken Salad Wraps

Chinese chicken salad is one of my favorite salads. Especially the version with peanut dressing. This is a variation on that meal, where it is made into wraps. We really liked the combination of the peanut dressing and the chili mayo. These wraps had tons of flavor and lots of crisp, fresh veggies. It helpsContinue reading “Chinese Chicken Salad Wraps”

Al Pastor Chicken Tacos

We love traditional al pastor tacos (and really any tacos). They are challenging to make at home though. We’ve tried a few methods for making authentic-ish pork al pastor with mixed results. I decided to try this chicken version for a slightly healthier, easier weeknight meal. The marinade for these is the same marinade thatContinue reading “Al Pastor Chicken Tacos”

Crunchy Sesame Chicken Salad

Asian chicken salad is one of my favorite salad meals. This recipe was based on one I saw on Ambitious Kitchen. My favorite recipe uses peanut dressing, but I loved the sound of the sesame ginger dressing for this one and had to try it. As usual, I made a few modifications to my ownContinue reading “Crunchy Sesame Chicken Salad”

Honey Mustard Chicken Wraps

We all loved these honey mustard chicken wraps and they were quick and easy for a weeknight meal. If you aren’t a fan of honey mustard, you could make these with ranch or Caesar mayo instead of honey mustard mayo and they’d be equally good. Bacon would be amazing in these as well. The combinationContinue reading “Honey Mustard Chicken Wraps”

Tandoori Roast Chicken with Raita

One of my staple meals while my kids were young was a roasted chicken. Whole chickens are so much cheaper than cut up chicken parts, and with a few easy tricks, you can make a super delicious roasted chicken at home. My family also adores Indian food, so this roasted chicken with Indian flavors seemedContinue reading “Tandoori Roast Chicken with Raita”

Tandoori Fried Chicken Sandwich

We have been trying to eat a bit healthier lately, and that makes a weekend splurge even tastier! I saw a picture of this sandwich on social media and really wanted to try it. It has Indian snack mix in it, and if you have not had Indian snack mix, you need to go onContinue reading “Tandoori Fried Chicken Sandwich”