Lemon Chicken

Lemon chicken is a Chinese takeout favorite, and this recipe is basically my friend’s amazing sweet and sour chicken, but with lemon sauce instead of sweet and sour sauce. In this recipe the chicken is fried in a crispy breading made from cornstarch, but you could also used pan seared chicken breast instead if youContinue reading “Lemon Chicken”

Shredded Vegetable Caesar with Grilled Chicken

I am a huge Caesar salad fan. This shredded vegetable Caesar with grilled chicken is a nice variation on the original, with some extra nutrition from the kale and carrots. You could also top the salad base with rotisserie chicken, fried chicken, shrimp, tofu…. anything that sounds good. I used homemade eggless Caesar dressing forContinue reading “Shredded Vegetable Caesar with Grilled Chicken”

Kung Pao Chicken

Kung pao chicken is one of my favorite Chinese food stir fry dishes. It is super easy to make at home. This is one of my go to recipes for when I need a quick, healthy dinner that is still really satisfying to eat. The original dish only calls for chicken, seasoned with ginger, garlic,Continue reading “Kung Pao Chicken”

Grilled Jerk Chicken with BBQ Sauce

Jerk chicken is one of my favorite ways to eat chicken. You can use the marinade and sauce in this recipe on boneless breasts like I did, or on thighs, or on bone in chicken which is the more traditional way to eat it. I had extra chicken breasts in my freezer so that isContinue reading “Grilled Jerk Chicken with BBQ Sauce”

Cashew Chicken

Around the holidays we can get a little burned out and a little overloaded on indulgent food. Cashew chicken is light, delicious and so quick to make. This is another of my go to recipes when I know I won’t have a lot of time to make dinner. Tender pieces of chicken are cooked withContinue reading “Cashew Chicken”

Chicken and Veggie Kabobs

We usually think of kabobs as a dinner option in the summer, since they are typically grilled, but they taste great any time! This recipe uses a simple marinade on chunks of boneless chicken breast along with lots of yummy veggies. Veggies with some char from the grill are one of the best ways toContinue reading “Chicken and Veggie Kabobs”

Chicken and Dumplings

I often make the America’s test kitchen chicken and dumplings recipe and we love it! I have been wanting to make this recipe from the Jubilee cookbook for quite a while though and I was excited to try it. This recipe uses slick downs for the dumpling portion instead of drop dumplings like the ATKContinue reading “Chicken and Dumplings”

Chicken Shawarma Wraps

My husband and I are slightly obsessed with shawarma. It is just soooo good. There are all kinds of variations and ways to eat shawarma but today I made these simple chicken shawarma wraps. The combination of spiced chicken, Israeli pickles, fries and garlic sauce is about as tasty as it gets. The chicken inContinue reading “Chicken Shawarma Wraps”

Creamy Garlic Chicken

Creamy garlic chicken consists of lightly breaded, pan seared chicken served over mashed potatoes with a caramelized garlic gravy. Need I say more? 🙂 I can pretty much eat endless variations of meat/gravy/mashed potatoes, and this one is a nice twist on the traditional beef dishes. Like any dish where I’m going to pan fryContinue reading “Creamy Garlic Chicken”

Thai Red Curry Noodles

I love how different cultures have curries, and they are so completely different from each other, and all SO good. Thai red curry noodles uses red curry paste and coconut milk, along with fish sauce and lime juice to create a highly flavored broth for chicken, veggies and noodles. I use this red curry pasteContinue reading “Thai Red Curry Noodles”