After Hours Cocktail

Since I got this bottle of kümmel I mentioned in last week’s bourbon and kümmel, I wanted to try making another drink using it. We had all the ingredients for the after hours, so I went with that. The drink is a combo of kümmel, gin, maraschino liqueur and bitters plus some water. This cocktailContinue reading “After Hours Cocktail”

The Best Blended Margaritas

My favorite margaritas are not overly sweet, with fresh lemon, lime and orange juice, tequila, triple sec, orange syrup and a dash of salt. You can skip the blending an serve over ice as I usually make them, or blend them up for a tasty frozen drink. I got a new Ninja mini smoothie/drink blenderContinue reading “The Best Blended Margaritas”

Lemon Berry Gin Fizz with Rosemary

Does anyone else grow rosemary in their yard? I have a rosemary bush and I love it since it is basically a no effort herb. I absolutely loved the flavor of this cocktail. It was really well balanced and fresh and delicious. I used the same Tinkerman’s Citrus gin that I used for the NegroniContinue reading “Lemon Berry Gin Fizz with Rosemary”

Negroni Bianco Bergamotto

As I have mentioned before, I gave my husband a bottle of italicus, which is a bergamot flavored liqueur a while back. It isn’t a liqueur that pops up often in recipes so I went looking for a good sounding drink to make with it. The negroni bianco bergamotto has just 3 ingredients, but thereContinue reading “Negroni Bianco Bergamotto”

Metropolitan Cocktail

I have seen various versions of a drink called a Metropolitan online that are completely different from this one, but this version comes from the Ultimate Bar Book, which has over 1000 cocktail recipes. I consult this little book often for inspiration and I like that it is broken down by alcohol type so IContinue reading “Metropolitan Cocktail”