Amaretto Sour

Amaretto is a sweet liqueur made from made from apricot kernels, bitter almonds, peach pits, or almonds depending on the brand. It has a lovely almond flavor that goes great in coffee, but it is a bit sweet to drink by itself to me, so I love the combination with lemon juice and whisky in this drink. To make thisContinue reading “Amaretto Sour”

Tick of the Clock Cocktail

This lightly sweet, ginger, lime and tequila cocktail gets it’s pretty color solely from a larger then typical amount of bitters. I loved the flavor of this cocktail. It is best to use blanco tequila for this one. The original recipe for this drink calls for ginger syrup, but we had some Domaine de CantonContinue reading “Tick of the Clock Cocktail”

Green Eyes Cocktail (with Cherries)

I know my photo here doesn’t really match the name of this drink 🙂 This is in fact the green eyes cocktail, which normally is a lovely pale green color… I had some ripe cherries from my sour cherry tree that I thought would go great with the flavor of this drink, and they haveContinue reading “Green Eyes Cocktail (with Cherries)”