Cherry Old Fashioned

The cherry old fashioned is a twist on a classic old fashioned using Heering cherry liqueur. We had a bottle of Heering I wanted to use, so this seemed like a great cocktail to make. It is a very simple mix of whiskey, Heering, and a touch of simple syrup. I had some orange syrupContinue reading “Cherry Old Fashioned”

Grapefruit Basil Greyhound

I bought some grapefruit in a big bag this week. I love the freshness of grapefruit in a cocktail so I looked around online for something interesting to make with it. This recipe comes from the Swift website. This cocktail was apparently named a Greyhound because it was popular in the 40s in the restaurantsContinue reading “Grapefruit Basil Greyhound”

Miss Fisher’s Mystery Cocktail

I have never seen or heard of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, but apparently it was a drama series in Australia about a private detective in the 1920’s. I’m not fully sure how this cocktail is related to that show, but it sounded pretty interesting and we love bourbon drinks so I decided to give itContinue reading “Miss Fisher’s Mystery Cocktail”