Cherry Citrus Vodka Punch

This week’s cocktail is one I made up with stuff I had around 🙂 We got some cherry vodka that is the type that isn’t sweet, just flavored, so I wanted to make something with that. I also had some tart cherry liqueur from Michigan left (you can use Heering also as a substitute). IContinue reading “Cherry Citrus Vodka Punch”

Green Eyes Cocktail (with Cherries)

I know my photo here doesn’t really match the name of this drink 🙂 This is in fact the green eyes cocktail, which normally is a lovely pale green color… I had some ripe cherries from my sour cherry tree that I thought would go great with the flavor of this drink, and they haveContinue reading “Green Eyes Cocktail (with Cherries)”

Aperol Negroni Sour Cocktail

This week’s drink is a fun, bright, tasty cocktail using gin, aperol and elderflower liqueur, as well as lemon juice. It is a little sweet, a little sour, a little foamy… If you haven’t had aperol before it is an Italian bitter apéritif made of gentian, rhubarb and cinchona, among other ingredients. It has aContinue reading “Aperol Negroni Sour Cocktail”

Planter’s Punch

This week’s cocktail comes from the Drinking with Chickens book, which is a cocktail book with cute pictures of chickens posing with the drinks 🙂 This is a sort of rum punch drink, made with grapefruit, lime, cherry and pineapple juice. I still had some tart cherry concentrate from my cherry muffins and my tartContinue reading “Planter’s Punch”

Sparkling Tart Cherry Vodka Limeade

In addition to the tart cherry ricotta muffins I made this week, I wanted to use some more of the tart cherry concentrate I had leftover so decided to make this sparkling tart cherry vodka limeade. There is a link to the concentrate in the muffin post if you are interested in getting some. ThisContinue reading “Sparkling Tart Cherry Vodka Limeade”