French Baguettes

As you all know, I love to bake bread. It is so much fun, and it is one item I think is so different from store bought that after eating it you can’t go back. When I first started to be interested in bread baking, I took a Craftsy class from Peter Reinhart on breadContinue reading “French Baguettes”

Hot Buttered Pretzels + Creamy Cucumber Salad

My kids are addicted to these hot buttered pretzels from King Arthur Flour. They are soft and buttery, and kind of roll like. The pretzels are not dipped in lye like the soft pretzels you get at theme parks or the movies (although I do want to try that soon). They are quick and easyContinue reading “Hot Buttered Pretzels + Creamy Cucumber Salad”

Beer Braised Short Rib Sandwiches

I think these short rib sandwiches from Tom Colicchio’s wichcraft cookbook are probably my favorite sandwich in existence. The short ribs braise for several hours with onions and carrots and garlic in Guinness beer until it reduces down to a super flavorful glaze. They are served on my favorite sandwich roll recipe I shared earlier,Continue reading “Beer Braised Short Rib Sandwiches”

Pork Katsu Sandwich on Japanese Milk Bread

As I promised yesterday, here is one of my favorite ways to use a beautiful loaf of Japanese Milk Bread. This pork katsu sandwich ticks all the boxes I’m looking for in a meal. The bread is soft and super fluffy. The pork is hot and crispy. The cabbage is cool and slightly vinegary. ThenContinue reading “Pork Katsu Sandwich on Japanese Milk Bread”

Caldo Verde + Quick Garlic Tomato Cheese Bread + Zucchini

Caldo Verde is a Portuguese soup made from chorizo, potato and collard greens or kale, in a chicken or vegetable broth seasoned with onion, garlic, olive oil and vinegar. The chorizo here is Spanish style chorizo, more like salami, not the tasty chorizo used in tacos. When you lightly brown it first, it imparts soContinue reading “Caldo Verde + Quick Garlic Tomato Cheese Bread + Zucchini”