Tamarind Lime Gin Gimlet

Time for another fun Saturday night cocktail recipe. This tamarind lime gin gimlet is a twist on a traditional gimlet, adding tamarind and chili powder for a different flavor profile. I love a good traditional cocktail, but sometimes it is fun to put a different spin on it too. What is tamarind? It is aContinue reading “Tamarind Lime Gin Gimlet”

Pear Ginger Vanilla Cocktail

I’m really loving this new trend of infused vodkas that have flavor but not sugar added. For someone like me who doesn’t like very sweet drinks, they are perfect. I sometimes just drink them straight on ice and they are delicious. I saw this new one I hadn’t tried at our ABC and had toContinue reading “Pear Ginger Vanilla Cocktail”

Big Batch Whiskey Sours

It’s Saturday so that means I’m sharing another great cocktail recipe with you. I know sometimes it seems like too much work to make an actual cocktail (at least to me it does), but there is something about drinking one that makes the night feel a little more special. I think it is worth it.Continue reading “Big Batch Whiskey Sours”