7 Layer Dip Burritos

This recipe is basically a bunch of 7 layer dip, wrapped up in a tortilla. Doesn’t that sound good? I loved these and they were pretty easy to make. This is a no meat recipe as is, but you could easily add some seasoned ground beef, chicken or shrimp to these. What is in 7Continue reading “7 Layer Dip Burritos”

Artichoke Soup

Soup and bread or soup and salad is one of my favorite dinners. It has always been one of the ways I got more vegetables into my family and I just enjoy eating them. This artichoke soup doesn’t have a ton of ingredients and it tastes like artichokes (shocker). So if you love artichokes makeContinue reading “Artichoke Soup”

Crispy Bean, Cheese and Potato Mini Tacos with Mexican Ranch

These crispy mini tacos are stuffed with refried beans, cheese and potatoes, pan fried and then served with a delicious homemade Mexican ranch dip. I loved these for a meatless dinner that didn’t take all that much time to make. I used cooked, cubed potatoes in them for more texture, but you can also useContinue reading “Crispy Bean, Cheese and Potato Mini Tacos with Mexican Ranch”

Marinated Tofu Sushi Roll Bowls

This is totally my kind of a dinner and I could eat this all the time and be happy. Even though I called this a sushi bowl, there isn’t actually any raw fish. You could add some sashimi though and it would be amazing… I might do that actually next time 🙂 I love tofuContinue reading “Marinated Tofu Sushi Roll Bowls”

Lasagna Soup with Garlic, White Beans, and Whipped Ricotta

We went out with our neighbors to try a new winery that opened near us last night, so no cocktail today. Instead I’m sharing this recipe for lasagna soup with white beans, garlic, and whipped ricotta that I made for dinner this week. This soup has the flavors of a lasagna, but it is lighterContinue reading “Lasagna Soup with Garlic, White Beans, and Whipped Ricotta”

Marinated Tofu Bánh Mì

I’ve seen variations on a tofu bánh mì online occasionally and my family loves both bánh mì and tofu. I was still a *tiny* bit skeptical about whether this sandwich would really feel like a banh mi without the meat. I am happy to say that we really loved this, and didn’t feel anything wasContinue reading “Marinated Tofu Bánh Mì”

Garlic Mushroom Toasts with Whipped Ricotta and Pesto

I could probably eat this meal for dinner every night for weeks and not get tired of it. It has some of my favorite things….garlicky mushrooms, sourdough toast, pesto sauce…. Ever since I used whipped ricotta in this sausage and tomato pasta recipe, I have been wanting to use it again. Using it as aContinue reading “Garlic Mushroom Toasts with Whipped Ricotta and Pesto”

Fire Roasted Tomato and White Bean Soup with Parmesan

Soup and salad or bread is one of my favorite meals to make for my family because making soup is usually fairly quick, and it usually packs a good amount of nutrition into one pot. Luckily my family loves soup. The combination of fire roasted tomato, white bean, and parmesan in this soup sounded delicious.Continue reading “Fire Roasted Tomato and White Bean Soup with Parmesan”

Celery, Apple and Blue Cheese Coleslaw

As I have mentioned before, I love pretty much anything with blue cheese. When I saw this recipe for coleslaw with celery, apple and blue cheese, I really wanted to try it out. This combination sounded great. I also liked that fact that this recipe didn’t use mayo, since sometimes coleslaw can be so mayoContinue reading “Celery, Apple and Blue Cheese Coleslaw”

Miso Brown Butter Pasta

Miso brown butter pasta with roasted vegetables is a simple, quick pasta dish with an interesting and delicious flavor. The sauce for this dish is made with white miso paste, brown butter, smoked and regular paprika, garlic, and sage. I love miso and use it often in cooking Asian food, but I had not hadContinue reading “Miso Brown Butter Pasta”