Honey Garlic Soy Roast Pork Lettuce Wraps

Garlic honey soy roast pork is a super simple recipe that takes one pot and cooks slowly in the oven and is packed with flavor. This recipe is really versatile. You can serve it as lettuce wraps as I did, or you can add it to noodles or rice with some vegetables. You need toContinue reading “Honey Garlic Soy Roast Pork Lettuce Wraps”

Ginger Chicken with Bok Choy

It is probably obvious from the number of recipes on here that I love a good stir fry recipe. There are a few reasons for that. First, they are usually not that time consuming to make. Second, it is easy to add any veggies you like and they are just part of the meal. Third,Continue reading “Ginger Chicken with Bok Choy”

Basil Coconut Curry Chicken

It has been a minute since I had time to post a new recipe…. We had one kid going back to college, another starting college and my daughter is starting high school. And we got a cat! I cooked a bunch of my kids favorite foods before they left and I am feeling like weContinue reading “Basil Coconut Curry Chicken”

Bang Bang Salmon

Bang bang sauce is a simple, creamy sauce made by combining mayo, sweet Thai chili sauce, garlic, ginger, rice vinegar and sriracha. It is really addicting. This recipe is SUPER easy because you use the sauce both as a glaze for the salmon, and as a sauce when you eat the dish. This meal tookContinue reading “Bang Bang Salmon”

Lomo Saltado

Lomo Saltado is a Chinese-Peruvian hybrid dish created by Chinese immigrants who moved to South America. The dish combines American ingredients, like potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers, with Chinese ingredients and techniques, like soy sauce and stir-frying. Some versions call for tossing the French fries directly into the stir fry while others put the fries onContinue reading “Lomo Saltado”

Ginger Garlic Pork Noodle Soup

The ginger garlic pork noodle soup was a simple dinner I put together from stuff I had in my fridge and freezer. The components are straightforward but I used several Asian ingredients to really boost the flavor here. For the soup base I used chicken stock, to which I added some ginger, garlic, Korean beefContinue reading “Ginger Garlic Pork Noodle Soup”

Scallion Pancake Challah Bread

I was really intrigued when I saw a recipe similar to this on online. Scallion pancakes are often a staple in dim sum restaurants and they are one of my favorites. I’ve made them at home a few times too. They are layers of dough with scallion filling that are rolled out into circles andContinue reading “Scallion Pancake Challah Bread”

Thai Chicken Basil Rolls with Hoisin Dipping Sauce

These Thai basil rolls with ground chicken were pretty quick to make, but they have a lot of flavor from the Thai basil, cilantro, ginger, garlic, jalapeno and the dipping sauce. They were tasty and we all enjoyed them. I used raw/cook at home tortillas for the wraps for these and honestly I think theyContinue reading “Thai Chicken Basil Rolls with Hoisin Dipping Sauce”

Marinated Tofu Sushi Roll Bowls

This is totally my kind of a dinner and I could eat this all the time and be happy. Even though I called this a sushi bowl, there isn’t actually any raw fish. You could add some sashimi though and it would be amazing… I might do that actually next time 🙂 I love tofuContinue reading “Marinated Tofu Sushi Roll Bowls”

Marinated Tofu Bánh Mì

I’ve seen variations on a tofu bánh mì online occasionally and my family loves both bánh mì and tofu. I was still a *tiny* bit skeptical about whether this sandwich would really feel like a banh mi without the meat. I am happy to say that we really loved this, and didn’t feel anything wasContinue reading “Marinated Tofu Bánh Mì”