Italian Grinders

My grandma used to watch my cousins and I lot in the summers when I was a kid, and she often made us grinders for lunch and I love them! This recipe is apparently a viral tik tok recipe, although I saw it on pinterest. The pictures looked delicious so I gave it a tryContinue reading “Italian Grinders”

Shredded Vegetable Caesar with Grilled Chicken

I am a huge Caesar salad fan. This shredded vegetable Caesar with grilled chicken is a nice variation on the original, with some extra nutrition from the kale and carrots. You could also top the salad base with rotisserie chicken, fried chicken, shrimp, tofu…. anything that sounds good. I used homemade eggless Caesar dressing forContinue reading “Shredded Vegetable Caesar with Grilled Chicken”

Moroccan Meatball Soup with Israeli Couscous

I love this soup! Israeli couscous is my favorite kind of couscous. It is larger than regular couscous and so satisfying in a soup. This soup has all the good things… highly spiced meatballs, Israeli couscous, flavorful broth and veggies, and you top it off with a sprinkling of fresh herbs. Yum! You can makeContinue reading “Moroccan Meatball Soup with Israeli Couscous”

Homemade Gyros Meat + Gyros

We have always been big gyros fans. They are such a quick, fresh, tasty option when eating out. It always seemed impossible to make them at home, since in restaurants they cook the meat on a huge rotating skewer. Then at some point I found this recipe with a method for making gyros meat atContinue reading “Homemade Gyros Meat + Gyros”

Adana Kebabs with Tzatziki, Charred Tomatoes, Garlic Naan, Orzo Rice, Jerusalem Salad + a Smoked Old Fashioned

This dinner was inspired one in the Ripe Figs cookbook, by Yasmin Khan. I absolutely love Greek and Turkish food, and this set of recipes has all the savory, spicy, fresh and bright flavors I look forward to when eating food from these countries. The kebabs are made of highly spiced ground lamb, grilled orContinue reading “Adana Kebabs with Tzatziki, Charred Tomatoes, Garlic Naan, Orzo Rice, Jerusalem Salad + a Smoked Old Fashioned”