Pain Bagnat (French Tuna Sandwich)

Pain Bagnat is a sandwich from the Nice area of France. There are different variations of the sandwich, and it was traditionally made with day old bread soaked with oil and filled with ingredients similar to a salad nicoise. The sandwich was typically filled and then compressed overnight. This a little bit lighter version ofContinue reading “Pain Bagnat (French Tuna Sandwich)”

Meatball Subs with Vodka Sauce and Whipped Garlic Parmesan Ricotta

Vodka sauce is delicious and I love it, but have you ever wondered why there is vodka in it? Vodka has no flavor, so what does it add? I was curious about this myself and according to google, the vodka helps the cream or half and half that is usually used in the sauce toContinue reading “Meatball Subs with Vodka Sauce and Whipped Garlic Parmesan Ricotta”

Open Faced Bacon and Egg Sandwiches on Rye

Using eggs for dinner is really economical and since we have chickens and always have extra eggs, finding ways to use them for dinner is a fun challenge. These open faced bacon and egg sandwiches are super fast and easy, and SO good. You could use egg salad or fried eggs here too, but IContinue reading “Open Faced Bacon and Egg Sandwiches on Rye”

Smoked Turkey and Cheddar Sliders with Honey Mustard

As I posted a few days ago, I made these yummy rolls that are a cross between a pretzel bun and sandwich roll. I made them in order to make these tasty toasted smoked turkey and cheddar sliders. These warm, baked sandwiches have smoked turkey, aged cheddar, some sweet pickled Vidalia onions, and a sauceContinue reading “Smoked Turkey and Cheddar Sliders with Honey Mustard”

Pesto Chicken Sandwiches

This sandwich is way more delicious than it has a right to be for how easy it was to make. My family loves pesto and I usually make a few batches of homemade pesto each summer. I used Wegman’s pesto here though to save time, and we loved it, so I may just buy thatContinue reading “Pesto Chicken Sandwiches”

Mini Lamb Burgers with Pesto Mayo

These mini pita breads are the perfect size for making mini burgers. The combination of lamb and pesto is really delicious and I’m not sure why you don’t see it more. This mini burger in a pita is just about the right size for a meal. You could easily make regular beef burgers like thisContinue reading “Mini Lamb Burgers with Pesto Mayo”

Seared Pork Banh Mi

As I said in my post yesterday for these delicious rolls, we love banh mi. This particular recipe is a slightly more healthy version of a typical pork banh mi. A pork banh mi usually has caramelized pork (typically a fattier cut) as well as some pork pate on it, which is super amazing andContinue reading “Seared Pork Banh Mi”

Patty Melts

One of my kids likes to watch youTube food videos and give me new cooking ideas, and one those lately was these smashburger patty melts. These were definitely not health food, but they were so delicious! We often eat homemade hamburgers, and my husband grinds the beef for those from chuck, sirloin and short ribs.Continue reading “Patty Melts”

Marinated Tofu Bánh Mì

I’ve seen variations on a tofu bánh mì online occasionally and my family loves both bánh mì and tofu. I was still a *tiny* bit skeptical about whether this sandwich would really feel like a banh mi without the meat. I am happy to say that we really loved this, and didn’t feel anything wasContinue reading “Marinated Tofu Bánh Mì”

Smoked Turkey, Aged Cheddar and Honeycrisp Apple Sandwich

Yum, just looking at the picture of this sandwich, I want to eat it again. 🙂 This is a simple and quick to make meal, but so satisfying. Good bread is key for any sandwich. I used homemade German style seeded bread I had made on the weekend, but you can grab a fresh loafContinue reading “Smoked Turkey, Aged Cheddar and Honeycrisp Apple Sandwich”