BBQ Chicken Skewers and Ranch Salad

This meal was a last little taste of summer before we move on to colder weather, although here in NC we often have fake fall followed by more warm weather so I probably could fit this one in again before it gets too cold 🙂 This is a really simple supper, but the bbq chicken/ranchContinue reading “BBQ Chicken Skewers and Ranch Salad”

Roasted Chicken and Peppers with Rice, Crispy Feta and Lemon Vinaigrette

This dish sounds simple and it is, but it has a few special touches that make it SO good. I’m still thinking about this meal days after I made it, and I want to make it again. It starts with seasoned chicken strips (I marinated overnight so they would have a lot of flavor) roastedContinue reading “Roasted Chicken and Peppers with Rice, Crispy Feta and Lemon Vinaigrette”

Paprika Chicken with Olive Walnut Vinaigrette

These oven baked chicken seasoned chicken thighs are flavorful on their own, but topped with this unique vinaigrette they make a fantastic dinner. I served them with roasted potatoes and sautéed kale and we kind of ate the vinaigrette with all of it. The thighs are seasoned with smoked paprika, onion, garlic, coriander, thyme, lemon,Continue reading “Paprika Chicken with Olive Walnut Vinaigrette”

Lentil Chopped Salad with Honey Pecan Dressing

This salad is a slightly modified version of the one on Kathleen Ashmore’s site. I LOVED this salad. I hadn’t really thought of putting lentils in a salad, but it really works. They add great texture and it really makes this salad unique. The real star of this recipe is the dressing though. The originalContinue reading “Lentil Chopped Salad with Honey Pecan Dressing”

Chinese Chicken Salad Wraps

Chinese chicken salad is one of my favorite salads. Especially the version with peanut dressing. This is a variation on that meal, where it is made into wraps. We really liked the combination of the peanut dressing and the chili mayo. These wraps had tons of flavor and lots of crisp, fresh veggies. It helpsContinue reading “Chinese Chicken Salad Wraps”

Slow Roasted Salmon with Citrus Herb Vinaigrette

This is a variation on a recipe I saw on Wishbone Kitchen, and it is another really flavorful way to eat salmon. I wasn’t sure if slow roasting salmon would be worth it, since it comes out great at higher temps, but I really liked the texture of the fish cooked like this. The marinadeContinue reading “Slow Roasted Salmon with Citrus Herb Vinaigrette”

Turkey Taco Salad with Jalapeno Lime Dressing

This healthier version of a taco salad has Mexican spiced ground turkey breast, lots of veggies, black beans, and a delicious jalapeno garlic lime dressing that really adds tons of flavor. I used both romaine and green leaf lettuce in this salad. Green and red leaf lettuce have more nutritional content than romaine does, soContinue reading “Turkey Taco Salad with Jalapeno Lime Dressing”

Buffalo Chicken Salad

This buffalo chicken salad combines all the things you think of when you think of buffalo chicken wings. Tangy buffalo sauce, carrots celery, blue cheese…. but in salad form. I love a big salad for dinner as long as it has tasty ingredients. I use marinated and grilled buffalo chicken breasts in this. You couldContinue reading “Buffalo Chicken Salad”

Winter Vegetable Salad with Balsamic Mustard Dressing

I love this bright and healthy winter vegetable salad. Roasting all the root veggies in olive oil, balsamic, salt and pepper caramelizes them and gives so much flavor. This salad combines roasted beets, butternut squash, fennel, and carrots with fresh kale and shallots in a delicious balsamic mustard dressing. It is a great way toContinue reading “Winter Vegetable Salad with Balsamic Mustard Dressing”

Pesto Chicken Caesar Salad with Tomatoes and Fresh Mozzarella

I know I just posted a recipe with pesto yesterday, but I had some left and pesto chicken Caesar salad is a delicious way to use it up. This recipe is originally from Half Baked Harvest, although I make a few changes to it. It is another 35-45 minute dinner and I love that! TheContinue reading “Pesto Chicken Caesar Salad with Tomatoes and Fresh Mozzarella”