Sausage Potato and Kale Soup

Is it obvious how much I make soup in the fall and winter? 🙂 I love everything about soup as a main dish for dinner. It is a great way to get extra veggies into my kids, and it leaves everyone satisfied. Most soups are pretty easy to prepare. If you add in some breadContinue reading “Sausage Potato and Kale Soup”

Italian Pesto Noodle Soup

Is there anything more satisfying on a cold day than sitting down to a bowl of hot soup with bread? We had a freeze warning for last night and tonight and I still had some homemade pesto sauce in my freezer so Italian pesto noodle soup was on the menu for dinner tonight. I loveContinue reading “Italian Pesto Noodle Soup”

Spanish Style Lentil Soup with Chorizo

Let’s talk about Spanish style chorizo. It is completely different than the Mexican style chorizo that comes in the super delicious taqueria tacos. Spanish style chorizo is highly flavored too, but it has a more salami like dried texture. It is one of my favorite ingredients to use in a soup like this lentil soupContinue reading “Spanish Style Lentil Soup with Chorizo”

Gnocchi Soup with Bacon and Rosemary

I love making soup for dinner in the fall and winter. It is so satisfying to sit down to a hot bowl of soup when it is cold outside. I also love that it is a way to get a lot of veggies into our meal in a way everyone likes. Gnocchi soup with baconContinue reading “Gnocchi Soup with Bacon and Rosemary”

Quick Bean and Bacon Soup

This is another super quick dinner recipe that is hearty, healthy, filling and the longest part of this recipe is cooking the bacon. 🙂 You could easily make this bean and bacon soup vegetarian by using vegetable stock and leaving out the bacon, but for non vegetarians the bacon makes this soup. This recipe usesContinue reading “Quick Bean and Bacon Soup”

Quick Chicken Soup with Garlic Chili Oil

This is another quick and healthy dinner recipe, but with a tasty twist. The quick chicken soup comes together really fast. I used this great ingredient I have recently added to my cooking arsenal to get great chicken flavor in a short amount of time. Have you heard of this Lee Kum Kee chicken powder?Continue reading “Quick Chicken Soup with Garlic Chili Oil”

Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Before I get to the roasted cauliflower soup, if you haven’t checked out my eCookbook page, I have created a pdf mini cookbook with five fantastic fall cookie recipes available for purchase. It includes 5 recipes with color photos and instructions in an easily printable format. Check it out here. This is a really easyContinue reading “Roasted Cauliflower Soup”

Pakistani Beef Stew (Nihari)

One of my sons saw a YouTube video of someone making this dish and asked me to make it. I love it when my kids are interested in food we haven’t tried. I love cooking new things and it is even more fun when I know someone really wants to try the dish. Nihari, orContinue reading “Pakistani Beef Stew (Nihari)”