Street Cart Chicken and Rice

This street cart chicken and rice is one of my favorite dinner recipes, because everyone likes it. There is something about the combo of hot chicken and rice and cold lettuce and tomato with creamy garlic sauce that is just perfection. It is a pretty straight forward recipe in terms of ingredients, but the detailsContinue reading “Street Cart Chicken and Rice”

Spicy Chicken Sandwiches with Candied Jalapenos + Homemade Fries

My family is obsessed with fried chicken sandwiches. If we eat at a restaurant that has one, at least one of them orders it. I have a few homemade versions too. Our favorite is a Nashville hot chicken version which I will share at some point. Today I decided to try making spicy chicken sandwichesContinue reading “Spicy Chicken Sandwiches with Candied Jalapenos + Homemade Fries”

Peruvian Roasted Chicken with Aji Verde Sauce

Believe it or not, I was a picky eater as a kid. I have no idea why as I love food and will eat pretty much anything now. There were not a lot of things I liked growing up, but chicken was one thing I would always eat. And I still love it. I’m alwaysContinue reading “Peruvian Roasted Chicken with Aji Verde Sauce”

Chicken Piccata with Toasted Sourdough

Today was a day when I knew I wouldn’t have much time for making dinner. I decided to make super quick and flavorful chicken piccata with some toasted sourdough bread I had in my freezer. I have a post on my favorite sourdough here if you’d like to learn about making it. Chicken piccata isContinue reading “Chicken Piccata with Toasted Sourdough”

Crispy Chipotle Chicken Wraps

For tonight’s dinner I decided to try this recipe for crispy chipotle chicken wraps from Half Baked Harvest. Spicy chipotle chicken folded inside a tortilla with peppers, cheese and spicy ranch, then pan fried sounded amazing to me. The original wraps called for rice, which I left out, because I didn’t feel like making itContinue reading “Crispy Chipotle Chicken Wraps”

The BEST Sweet and Sour Chicken

I have posted pictures of this sweet and sour chicken before, but now (with her permission of course) I am sharing my awesome friend Christine’s family recipe for sweet and sour chicken. This is by far the best sweet and sour chicken I’ve ever had, and this is one of my family’s favorite meals. I’mContinue reading “The BEST Sweet and Sour Chicken”

Chicken Tikka Quinoa Bowls with Pikliz and Cucumber

This recipe was inspired by one on Pinch of Yum. I modified this recipe quite a bit as I am often prone to do. I think my kids were probably slightly mad at me for this one, because I often make a big spread of Indian food, which they love, and this was like aContinue reading “Chicken Tikka Quinoa Bowls with Pikliz and Cucumber”

Crispy Chicken Taco Salad

Summer in the south gets HOT. I love the heat and humidity and summer storms. Sunny days at the beach. Ice cream and popsicles and lazy school free days for the kids. I tend to cook a bit lighter and serve more big salads in the summer time. I love a good salad but itContinue reading “Crispy Chicken Taco Salad”